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You will find the famous ”Blue Hole” a few kilometers north of Dahab. It is a spectacular but somewhat dangerous site: corals, fans, and dozens of fish species flourish there, and the incredible depth of the hole provides magnificent scenery. The technical divers are particularly attracted by the arch connecting the Blue Hole with the open sea and the whole site is a marvel of light and life that makes unforgettable memories. The Blue Hole is a dive shore and the view is magnificent in this spot where the mountain meets the sea.

Hiking up the biblical mountain to reach the 2285m peak is a unique adventurous experience you will find in a few destinations around the globe. Mystical, Spiritual, Natural, and uncanny, there is something awe-inspiring in a nighttime walk along the rocky path under the starry night sky while following a candlelit trail of pilgrims as they march up Mount Sinai. It is worth mentioning that there are two ways to climb Mount Sinai, one of which is the camel path, it is preferable to follow this trial for the climb and to use the stairs route built by the
monastery monks for the descent. These are the mountains where “Moses” received the Ten Commandments from God, usually, people hike this mountain to watch the sunrise also there is a Church and a Mosque on the summit.

Dahab has rightly been dubbed ‘the Goa of Egypt’ or alternatively ‘the tourist destination where the Independent traveler rules king!’ Once a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab now boasts modern amenities including banks and health facilities, whilst maintaining its traditional charm. Famous for its welcome, all-year season, Dahab is an informal and tranquil destination with palm-thatched cafes, colorful markets, and white-robed Bedouin.



  • Accommodation 2 nights in Dahab
  • Accommodation 1 night St.Cathrine at the mounting “ hiking “
  • Tickets (Blue hole national park + St.Cathrine national park + Three pools permit and tickets )
  • Transportation

Tour Plan

Day 1

Heading to Dahab from Cairo by bus

Day 2
  • Arrive Dahab and check in afternoon
  • Local breakfast
  • Swim in Lagoona beach and watch sunset
  • Dinner in local restaurant In downtown
  • Walk in the bazars and free time
Day 3
  • Breakfast.
  • Heading to blue hole national park by cars for Snorkeling and Swimming.
  • Hiking 2h by the beach to Abu Galum national park and blue lagoon beach to swim in one of the best lagoons in Egypt.
  • Back to the city and dinner at night.
Day 4
  • Breakfast.
  • Check out in the morning and leave our bags in the reception.
  • Heading to three pools national park for Swimming and Snorkeling by cars and spend the whole day -Dinner.
  • Head to St.Cathrine city at night to start hiking Sinai mountain to watch sunrise.
Day 5
  • Reaching the top of the mountain by sunrise and enjoy the second top simit in Egypt.
  • Hike down from Sinai Mountain.
  • Head to Dahab around 9 am to get back to Cairo.

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